Monika Nieroda

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I'm a teacher because I have just made one of my big dreams come true. It was a long and winding road but it paid off.

The best thing about teaching is giving a key. English is a key to unlock many doors of freedom. I was given this key. Now, I have the privilege of giving it to others.

In order to stay creative in the classroom I use my empathy and imagination.

The biggest challenge in teaching is to handle with very young learners when they throw a temper tantrum 🙂

If I could change my job.. well, I always can, but I don't want to...On the other hand, if I had to change my job I could come up with something interesting.

What I want to say to my studens is: be curious, be daring, be alive, and keep moving forward!

When I don't teach mainly I spend time with my family, but I love literature in its broadest sense, music and the cinema. In this order.

Apart from teaching I am also good at learning new things...:-)