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Magda Wróbel

I am a teacher because this job is connected not only with helping students to acquire the language itself, but also helping them to discover and understand the world, to cope with many difficulties of our daily life, to cooperate in the group and be sensitive to everything what surrounds us. Teaching is far more complex than one may think- it is a great challenge, and I like challenges!

The best thing about teaching is the awareness of being needed, helpful; being the cause of somebody's intellectual development.

In order to stay creative in the classroom I always take into account students' interests and needs' and try to make my lessons colourful! 😉

The biggest challenge in the teaching process is finishing the lesson at the right time.

If I could change my job I would be a TV reporter or journalist, but in fact I have never been brilliant at the Polish subject 😉

What I want to say to my students here on this website is: See you soon!

When I don't teach I meet with my family, friends, people who I love and enjoy the time together going to the cinema, chatting in the restaurant, dancing etc.

Apart from teaching I am also good at dancing and singing. I am not sure whether I am very good at it, but it gives me a lot of joy! 😉