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Kenechukwu Chukwunonso Nwokoye

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I am a teacher because interactive communication fascinates me and initiating a dialogue with an individual or group is how I get stimulated mentally, especially sharing knowledge with inquisitive individuals who I'm privileged to experience on a daily basis in a broad demograph at Rightnow. I am constantly improving my craft and overall cognitive ability because I have to keep up with my students on a broad range of interests which keeps me alert and aware.

The best thing about teaching is the reward that is ingrained in the learning development of an individual or class. It is a growing experience for me as a learning instructor because I witness the incremental advancement of my pupils and students in their behavioural and academic pursuits. The delight of seeing a pupil who could barely string words together begin to make several constructive arguements within a short amount of time is a true blessing and motivator.

In order to stay creative in the classroom I periodically rotate my routine and conduct frequent polling in the classroom which is aimed at having students contribute insights of how we could be a better class. I also keep updated by reading teaching journals and attending workshops that focuses on improved behavioural learning. I have also discovered that showing my personality in the classroom allows my students to relate to me as a human being yet their teacher hence reminding them that I am not just a concept. Building trust amongst students improves their creativity because they aren't afraid to attempt new things and also show elements of their personality which indeed makes up part of the overall classroom creativity.
The biggest challenge in the teaching process is actively engaging a class and being responsible for their learning growth even on days when you aren't feeling your best. Direct and continuous contact with your pupils and students is part of a teacher's job description and maintaining the attention span of an energetically depleted class may sometimes be a drag. In such moments I often remind myself of the better days we've had as a class and that we are all humans at the end of the day. Another challenge of teaching is to be self-motivated. As a teacher you have to find ways of stimulating oneself and keeping up your energy supply.

If I could change my job I would probably work in human resources because I would still want to maintain proximate contact with people. As an INTJ rational mastermind, contributing to the mental betterment of other individuals whether it is in mentoring, tutoring, facilitating, coaching, psychoanalysis, counselling, business psychology has always captivated my interest. I am passionate about introspective communication which brings me back to finding ways to maximize the potential of others and inadvertently myself. I am infinitely people oriented.

What I want to say to my students here on this website is it pays to be an active student because you come off with much more than if you aren't. Also showing your personality in the classroom is an insightful way that would enable your teachers do a better job with enhancing your learning potential. As a teacher I want to represent your best interest so feel free to talk to me when you feel the need to. I am all ears.

When I don't teach I write articles for publication and occasionally performing with my band as a lead singer. I love to listen to good music. These days I'm experimenting with new gourmet dishes.

Apart from teaching I am also good at writing, singing, cooking, dancing, counselling and entertaining others.