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I am a teacher because it gives me an opportunity to expend my limitless source of positive energy in the classroom. I am able to keep my creative juices flowing by coming up with outlandish lessons plans.

The best thing about teaching is that I can pretend to be an editor and writer all at the same time. (When I am grading my students' compositions and essays.)

In order to stay creative in the classroom I like to have cute stationery, colourful papers, markers and ink-stamps with me.

My biggest challenge in the classroom is trying to motivate ten 'tiger cubs' (learners aged from 12-14) to do their classroom tasks enthusiastically.

If I could change my job I would be a children's writer-cum-illustrator. I could doodle, scribble and ramble and yet young children would read them.

What I want to say to all my students here on the website is: be proficient in at least two foreign languages and have something in life you are passionate about.

When I don't teach I like to read, write and build castles in the air. My all-time favourite authors are Ayn Rand, Haruki Murakami, Natsuo Kirino amongst others.

Apart from teaching I am also good at organising and coordinating events, coming up with crazy ideas and/or fun-loving activities.