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I am a teacher because I feel like a fish in a pond being in a classroom. I feel it's my life's vocation and part of my happiness.

The best thing about teaching is seeing your students conquering their world using English you taught them.

In order to stay creative in the classroom I keep my mind open to ideas from my students, my co-teachers and different trainings. To teach well, I have to learn well.

The biggest challenge in the teaching process is helping my students discover their hidden strength, motivation and enjoyment at the same time.

If I could change my job... Loving it why would I want to change it?

What I want to say to my students here on this website is:
1. English is really much easier than Polish so never give up fighting to get it.
2. Try to find your own ways of learning and study regularly opening your eyes and ears to English all around you.
3. From time to time look back to your learning career to see how far you already got.

When I don't teach I am a wife and a mother.

Apart from teaching I am also good at gardening and making flower compositions.