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Jolanta Stańczyk

I am a teacher because even though I'm not a child anymore I still love holidays.

The best thing about teaching is that in this job, like in Szymborska's poem, nothing can ever happen twice: there aren't two similar lessons, two similar students or two similar classes.

In order to stay creative in the classroom I sometimes escape far away from everybody and everything because I have to "charge my batteries".

The biggest challenge in the teaching is that it is not easy to satisfy our students' needs and expectations, their parents' ambitions and school authorities' requirements without losing our own hopes, dreams or enthusiasm.

If I could change my job I would like to become a writer.

What I want to say to my students here on this website is that I would like them to bear in mind that most teachers (with only a few exceptions of some psychopats) prefer giving good grades than bad ones.

When I don?t teach I spend time with my family and my pets.

Apart from teaching I am also good atlistening to people, talking to animals and being silent.